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Audit books


To be done using either company format or DSSS format per customer.
This audit will include:

  • Physical/Unit Audit –Complete walk-through and full unit inspection verifying vacant units, overlocks, Company units, unrentable units.
  • Deposits / Cash – Verify past 60 days of deposits are made according to schedule and match what the accounting software shows. Petty cash funds and receipts will be verified. The exceptions report provided by the accounting software will be scrutinized for unusual transactions.
  • Rental Agreements - 10% of the rental agreements will be pulled to confirm accuracy with the accounting software to ensure that they are complete. Reconciliation of the rental agreements with the physical inventory. Detailed reporting for each unit included. – increased percentages may be inspected upon request for an additional fee.
  • Operational Efficiencies and Policies – Observations and interviews with your manager to determine effectiveness of operational procedures and leadership efforts. Reports will include the positive as well as recommendations for areas that could be improved on.
  • This area, when conducted by a third party provides a safe place for your staff to open up. It also shows them that you care enough to provide this opportunity.
  • Auction Audit – Inspection of auction files for one past auction and current auction files to ensure compliance with both policy and state lien laws.
  • Ancillary Revenue Audit – 50% of resale merchandise will be counted for accuracy of inventory within accounting software. Overview of products being sold for revenue.
Building materials


  • An in depth look at the existing customer files
  • A full audit of the facility (See Auditing)
  • A physical inspection of potential maintenance issues
  • A physical visit of the top THREE competitors to include competitive rate analysis (on line and in person)
  • Inspection of all personal property to be left; i.e, golf cart, printer, computer, etc.
  • Obtain a current listing of vendors and vet for future use
  • Interview current staff for potential retention


We offer customizable consultings services for all size operators that desire to grow both operationally and profitaby. Example:

  • Dynamic SS Solutions offers complete solutions for success in market planning, pricing, staffing, branding, budgeting and sustainability through applying proven techniques and strategies from the self-storage industry and other retail sectors to todays operators.


To be done in a central location to your facilities where there are 4 or more. Can be done via skype or webinar as needed. To include:

  • Sales 101 – Master’s Level
  • Phone Sales That GET THEM IN THE DOOR
  • Dealing with the Disgruntled Customer
  • Revenue Management
  • Maintaining Facilities at Optimum Levels
  • Collections and Lien Sales
  • Building a Better Team for a Better Them and a Better YOU
  • Recruiting and Hiring in Today’s Environment
  • Gorilla Marketing Strategies
  • Options for leadership teams in development
  • Training programs to be built around audit and/or mystery shop/ market analysis results
  • Full report on team reception to be completed and returned to owner within 7 – 10 days of session

Additional services upon request:

  • Vendor Matching
  • Recruiting and Hiring – HR Consulting
  • Start Up Packages for new owners 6 – 12 month options. – from due diligence to lease up, revenue management, HR services and more!
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  • Desktop Study
  • Comprehensive Study